Haim Saban: One of the richest American Media Proprietors

Haim Saban was born on the 15th of October, 1944 in Alexandria, Egypt. His present net worth is an estimated 2.8 billion US dollars and has attained the hundred and second position amongst the richest Americans. He is an acclaimed television and media proprietor. He had to undertake a pretty long immigration journey. After the 1956 Suez War, Haim accompanied his family to Israel from his motherland Egypt along with numerous other belonging to the Egyptian Jewish community. The family went bankrupt in 1975 and shifted base to Paris, France. In 1983, he finally moved to Los Angeles and is a resident of the Beverly Hills, California.

His career began as a concert organizer and music promoter while he was in Israel. When he was in France, he got involved in the introduction of the Japanese anime and the sentai TV series. He was responsible for t he production of the scores and the opening themes for the UFO Robot Grendizer and Candy Candy. He continued the same work when he arrived in America and began his odyssey towards emerging as a millionaire by becoming a television producer through laying the foundation of the Saban Entertainment in the year 1988. Then, with the purchase of the Kirch Media Group in 2003, for a whopping $5.7 billion, Haim was finally able to prove his point as a successful immigrant.



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