Frank Leslie – The Stalwart From American Publishing Industry

Frank Leslie is inseparable from the name and fame that the publishing industry in America has today. Frank Leslie, associated with many famed journals published during his time, was from England. The great personality made his fortune in the publishing industry as a famed illustrator, engraver and publisher of family periodicals.

Frank Leslie was born in England on 29th March, 1821. Since childhood he was fascinated by the world of arts- painting as well as making sketches. While staying in London he used to send his sketches regularly to Illustrated London News.

In 1848 he came to United States, which turned the course of his life towards prosperity, name and fame.  Within a short stint he was able to prove his mantle. When Leslie set off with publishing his journals, it received a good response from the Americans. This gave a good push to the uprising of his career.

He made a partnership with Hooper and started selling woodcuts, which turned out to be a profitable venture for him. Soon he went ahead with his next venture, the publication of his own newspaper – Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. This was also termed as ‘Leslie’s weekly’. It became popular in no time, and gave Leslie the name and the earning that he deserved.

To his credit, he became the commissioner of the Paris Exhibition 1867, where he was awarded for the meaningful contribution rendered by him in the field of art and craft. He is a legend who proves that an immigrant to America can make it very big if he has the desire in heart.



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