David Beckham

David Beckham is the living legend who needs no introduction. The most famous international soccer player had migrated to America, after getting an offer from the major American soccer league club that is Los Angeles Galaxy.

Since 2007 Beckham has been showing his soccer skills in favor of Los Angeles Galaxy. The world famous immigrant to American soccer world has seen the gigantic growth in his career soon after he started playing for Manchester United in his home land. He scaled the stairs like no on else did.

Kicking off his career in Brims down Rovers, the world famous mid fielder has been a successful part of teams like Real Madrid, Milan, Preston North End, England National Team, Manchester united and finally in Los Angeles Galaxy. No wonder has been playing in millions.

David Beckham’s contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy was a historic and effectual move in his entire soccer career. With this contract he bagged the highest player salary in the entire Major League Soccer history. Although his stint with Los Angeles had not been as fruitful as it was expected by the soccer maniacs of America, it did not cast any effect on the monetary part that he was supposed to receive.

The immigrant millionaire footballer is now settled at Beverly Hills, California along with his wife Victoria Beckham (Spice Girl fame) and three sons.



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