Bruce Willis – The Sphinx Actor Of Hollywood

Bruce Willis or Walter Bruce Willis, the sphinx-like Hollywood Actor was actually an immigrant to America. Though born in West –Germany, Bruce is well known the world over as an actor and producer of high caliber who has created history of record breaking success with each and every film.

The career of Bruce Willis is a sprawling one. His enigmatic career initiated with the television industry. Fortune smiled on Bruce as he auditioned for the role of David Addition Jr. in the television series ‘Moonlighting’. This highly successful series earned him a reputation of a comedy actor, as well as financial success. But this was only the stepping stone for him into Hollywood.

He used the height of the show’s success and gained an ad campaign with Seagram for one of their beverage products. He earned $5-$7 million from this ad. His big break came with –‘Blind Date’. After this followed a series of success- ‘Sunset’, ‘Die Hard’ series, where Bruce performed death defying stunts. The first film of the series earned $138, 708, 852 all over the world.

The hit parade includes- The Jackal, Mercury Rising, Color of Night, Twelve Monkeys, and Armageddon.

The successful immigrant to America has acquired a huge property in Los Angeles, and has instituted his own production company called –Cheyenne Enterprise. He is the proud co founder of –Planet Hollywood.



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