Bruce lee – The Million Dollar Man With A Never Ending Enigma

The magic of the enigmatic Bruce Lee still drives millions of hearts crazy. This immigrant to America started his journey from scraps, and ended up touching the zenith.

The great entity had a sprawling career that earned him a place amongst the wealthiest and most successful Americans of the time. Bruce Lee is known all over the world as a movie star, film maker, philosopher, writer, martial artist of great repute, as well as a screen writer. He was celebrated as the maker of a whole new combat style by conceptualizing the – Jeet Kune Do.

The style he invented earned him immense popularity the world over. Bruce had even started teaching his philosophy and his martial techniques to the Americans. This was a great opportunity to him in terms of monetary gains. His classes had become immensely popular. Many celebrities joined his classes to embrace the oriental magic in their life.

The most influential martial artist had acted and produced a number of films based on martial arts. This was a prudent act of Bruce. The martial arts in films were a new concept. His films richly fused with scintillating and death defying moves were something the audience had never witnessed before.

All the films that he had done in his short span were a massive success. After the release, his films earned him money beyond measure. His most notable ones are – The Big Boss, Game of Death, Enter The Dragon, Way Of The dragon etc. He had also featured in a tele- series called ‘The Green Hornet’.



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