Arnold Schwarzenegger: An Immigrant Millionaire Who Needs No Introduction

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an immigrant from Austria and is currently the thirty-eighth governor of California. Beyond being the handsome demolisher in Hollywood films, he is an astute politician and a successful businessman too. He was born on 30th July, 1947. Basically, he is an Austrian body-builder. At the age of fifteen, he went for weight training practices and came at the forefront of media glory at the age of twenty-two when he was awarded the title of Mr. Universe.

Then, for seven times in a row, he won the Mr. Olympia contest. There are several books and articles accorded to him on the subject of body building and sports.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, a small village in Austria. His father was a police chief. In 1965, he served the Austrian army. He moved in to America at the age of twenty-one, in September 1968. There are reports of his being an illegal immigrant due to certain discrepancies in his visa during the late quarter of the 1960s. Since he started off his career in films, he was known as a Republican and came forward with his political views on a lot of sensitive and controversial subjects.  

After he arrived in the United States, Schwarzenegger tried his hand out in business. Prior to beginning his career in Hollywood, he was already a successful businessman, rather a millionaire by the age of thirty. They were accredited to some of the most profitable business ventures and intelligent investments.

There was a body-builder by the name of Franco Columbu and Arnold was pretty close to him. They joined hands in 1968 for a bricklaying business venture. It was a flourishing venture due to the marketing savvy nature of the duo. And after the Los Angeles earthquake in 1971, the demand for their products increased manifold. The profits generated in this business venture were later used for the initiation of a mail order business. They sold body-building and various fitness related equipments along with instructional tapes.  

Schwarzenegger accumulated the profits generated from this venture and coupled them with the winnings earned from the body-building competitions to invest into real estate. He purchased an apartment building for $10,000. This was followed by further investments in various other real estate companies. He made several other judicious investment decisions by investing in restaurant business and a shopping mall in Ohio. There is an investment firm which now enjoys his investment; it is the Dimension Fund Advisors.  



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