Anne Pawsat-Dressler – A millionaire at 28

Anne visited Hawaii for a vacation and she discovered an amazing business opportunity. Although at the beginning, she found the laid-back lifestyle in contrast to her enterprising nature. She observed that there was a total lack of high-end services at Hawaii, particularly in the travel sector. She brought about a dramatic change in the scenario after she launched the Hawaii Hideaways in 2004. This is how a 24 year old emerged to be a millionaire through sharp observation and judicious usage about the available avenues.


The story of this successful millionaire took shape as Anne drew her resources from the handful of successful clients that she had served in her previous consulting occupation. But, the local home-owners were naturally skeptical to hand over their multi-million dollar estates to a mere twenty-something girl. She took up the challenge and succeeded in winning their confidence within an hour as she just had to prove herself and lose nothing in the process. Within a very short period, she was successful in building up her inventory of rentals and evolved as the leading provider of high-end vacation cervices in Hawaii.   


If you had been wondering on how to be a millionaire, here is a glaring example on how Anne with just five full-time employees, managed to set this brand Hawaii Hideaway. She offers 24-hour concierge services, rents out luxury properties, luaus and yacht charters to massage parlors and personalized birthday cakes.



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